Thursday, December 28, 2006

View from the Penneshaw house

This is what we saw every day when sitting in the house at Penneshaw, a few pots in front of the windows , quite often a boat trawling in the bay and the mainland across the water. Absolute magic.
I have of course vaguely indicated the road, the agapanthus and left out the roof of the house to the left!
Tony F, I am sad to hear you are carting water but we gathered that was what was happening on most of the north coast. Marron? Perhaps one day we can meet and have some, not that they are my favorite crutacean but then again they dont often come my way!
We are heading up for 40 degrees next Thursday, I think the day I am going to Adelaide, typical.
Today was more boring washing and cleaning after a delightful night at D'Arrys 80th and a wonderful night and morning spent with the Johnstons in their lovely house, came home and decided mine was disgusting but it looks better tonight.
A long walk with the dogs checking water in troughs, they didnt enjoy it and I am not sure I did either, the flies are getting bad again.
I can look at this sketch and dream.


Alison said...

a lovely view indeed

Tom G said...

Very nice.

The view in New Jersey time of the year is gray and glum.

After Christmas, I'm done with winter. Bring on spring.

Julie Oakley said...

I like this very much - the way the it has a foreground, middle ground and background. The pots (with the wavy lines) and plants also remind me very much of some of David Hockney's work.

Tony F said...

A charming sketch Penny. I know these exact agapanthus, which seem to be just plonked along the curbside, but my view is always from the shore looking back up. You must have had a lovely view across Hogg Bay from where you were staying on KI. It's a bit windy but still lovely here at Western River... the dogs are snoring and Carolyn's parents from Port Elliot are staying with us so there's lots of cards and scrabble going on. Happy New Year.

Lin said...

Ah yes, the cleaning and laundry after a trip! SIGH! But nicely done view, Penny -- and you're so right -- a good place to dream and return to the wonderful memories you've made!