Monday, December 04, 2006


With the drying weather and no subsoil the gum trees are losing their leaves in large numbers, the patterns they make are quite interesting and this is what I was looking at while walking last night.
I have a dreadful worry that we are going to lose a lot of old and mature trees this year and the gums on the hills faces will be particularly vulnerable. We lost a lot in the 1982/3 drought and this year is far far worse.
On a brighter note we went to the first of the Christmas parties for lunch yesterday, a gorgeous day, blue sky, not too hot and a breeze with lots of people to catch up with.


Alison said...

Canberra is losing lots of trees, quite old ones too. I was cutting stuff back in the garden today, so plants don't have so much to maintain.

Julie Oakley said...

I love these patterns that falling leaves make. I don't know how a printed textile designer could run out of inspiration with all the patterns nature gives us.