Friday, December 29, 2006


I did these using the inktense Derwent water colour pencils, I think they came out a bit brighter than I wanted, but then its better than being wishy washy.
I have spent a mostly boring day shopping, cooking and cleaning. Then I hope I can spend some time for me.
We picked some plums and I have stewed them, I am waiting for the parrots to come and clean us out of fruit but the gum trees are all flowering like mad so mostly they are in them. I wonder if the gums are flowering because they are worried they may die like so many in our scrub.
Getting hotter and a bit humid, came back from walking the dogs a bit hot and bothered. One mare still to foal and I hope within the week.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Interesting collection of shells. Have you had them some time or did you find some of them recently? I've got lots of cowrie type shells sitting here and there in the lounge-room.

Tom G said...

Watercolor pencils are fun...nice use of them here. Great subject for them.

Julie Oakley said...

We need to go drawing together sharing the inktense and the dreary graphitints!