Saturday, December 16, 2006

Finally some colour

I finally had time to paint the sketch I had done a few days ago of the Willunga hills and vineyards.
AND I am back on the old keyboard and computer and feel so much more comfortable, I really fought with the laptop last night and lost my other blog entry four times and then it published it when it shouldnt have. The joys of the computer.
Everything is a mad rush at the moment and I know this is a bit of a cheat on my walking and sketching but it is a change from gates, more of those to come!
I promise I have been walking but the flies are now back and I hate drenching myself in fly away or whatever before I walk, I dont think it is good for me, and any way, do you really want cow pats, stones and dry ground?
This painting really looked good when I stood a bit away from it, not quite so good close up but I love it, didnt in my wildest dreams ever think I would be able to paint anything like this.


Elizabeth said...

Penny, this is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing it with us

Pauline said...

from one artist to another, it is a lovely little picture Penny. I enjoy working in water colour too.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nice bold painting. Yeah, I don't really want to see pictures of cow-pats, but stones are okay.
I'll see if this works. For two or three days, comments didn't seem to work here Penny.

Jana Bouc said...

Wow! I love the rich colors and the strong contrasts. It's really beautiful and I can feel the heat of the day looking at it. Nice work!

Julie Oakley said...

Lovely Penny. It shows that practice makes all the difference. I'm hoping this comment will work - I've been trying for days.

Penny said...

I had wondered why there were no comments, just thought everyone was busy, thanks for doing so.

Alison said...

lovely little paint sketch

Tom G said...

Great painting!

I really like the fields. The colors work well together.