Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Bluff and grasses

I noted this down when we were walking along the Kings Beach cliffs last week and did a better rendition today while I was waiting for my back to stop hurting.
John had gone off and although I could have gone too it was official business for him and I would have been a ring in.
Any way I needed to do a lot around the house today, I hope that all the walking and standing I did is as much as a walk on a beach.
I washed, sheets were changed, alot of tidying up was done, I needed to work out what I was taking away with me this time.
Some photo copying got done.
I searched and searched and finally found the golden syrup for a cake I was making, the clothes are in off the line, the chooks have new hay in their nest boxes, the cat is fed and so are the dogs.
I watered the pots.
I havent really done all that I wanted to do but my back is telling me in no uncertain manner to stop.
Thank goodness it is John's turn to cook tonight!
A haiku again by Basho, I am really disappointed with these translations but here goes.
On the dead limb
squats a crow -
autumn night.

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