Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I have this urge every so often to just throw some colour around and see what happens. I was cleaning up yesterday and came across some old Caran D'ache neocolor pastels and wondered if they were water soluble. I dont think so but then they were bought on our first trip to Europe in 1971! Any way I played with them and then added over the top some Kohinoor watercolours which have also been sitting around for quite some time and so my penchent for tall houses and flowers came to the for again!
I dont think I was allowed to play with paints much as a child and as I start to enter my second childhood(?) here I am playing again.
I have finally caught up with a few things, some ironing is done and John has shirts for the trip to Adelaide tomorrow, it has rained hooray! and is cold and we have a fire.
For some unknown reason I am swanning around in my gypsy skirt which isnt terribly warm, but it is what I felt like wearing.
Having fun reading India Flint's dyeing book and wondering what I can wrap before all the leaves on the deciduous trees have dropped and what fabric I have that might be suitable.
I dont really have a project in mind at the moment and so some serious thought needs to go into that, although Dale Rollerson of The Thread Studio is about to start her new on line class Gilding the Lily which I am sure is going to be fun.
I will from now on be using the Basho Haiku from my new book, which I should have bought from any where but Angus & Robertson as it cost me a fortune, and I could have got it for about $US8!!!
Any way from On love and Barley.
how precious on
a mountain path.


Julie said...

Very nice colorful painting! I am trying to be more free with my artwork (I don't consider myself an artist), and understand when you say you just wanted to throw some color around.

My friend just gave me a book of Haiku with many by Basho. It is such a fun poem style. The book is called ONE HUNDRED FAMOUS HAIKU, selected and translated into English by Daniel C. Buchanan. It was given to me by my best friend, who's Mom died, and it had belonged to her. She had written many haikus, some she wrote in her own hand inside this book as well. I cherish it.

Take care...and good luck finding your next project!

Caroline said...

I understand the whole buying at a higher price thing. I bite my tounge at our local stores. However, sometimes you need to suport the local bookstore... or they are no more! Walmart, doesn't need the extra bucks!
They under cut everyone...
I love the free form painting! Vibrant and happy, a place I would love to rest my hat. Besides,it was a great way to use old supplies! Hope you find the best project ever. Caroline

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

What a cheerful piece. Isn't it fun to play?