Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome home Jessica Watson

I couldnt find any photos that are not copyright but if you google her name you will find out about this wonderful 16 year old who sailed for 7 months around the world on her own.
An amazingly confident young woman, I know that todays sailing isnt as difficult as it once was, she blogged, she rang home she skyped but she was still on her own in a tiny 34 foot yacht in huge seas, with some incredible adventures to tell and I watched this afternoon almost in tears at the courage of this very young woman.
I felt for her too, as after 7 months all she probably wanted to do was sneak in and spend time with her parents before having a huge reception, instead she got the reception first, hardly able to stand straight after all that time on her boat. She came in through big seas and rough weather through the heads at Sydney and then had to negotioate through a huge flotilla of boats. She admitted that she really would have liked to have turned round and gone out to sea again.
I wish her well for her future.
I could not imagine doing that at her age.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

She is an amazing, courageous girl, but at the time of departure I was thinking, no, she shouldn't go, too dangerous, not fair on the anxiety of family and friends. But she did make it.

virgen3 said...

I could not imagine doing that at any age.
She is a true inspiration.
I couldn't stop my eyes filling with tears also as I watched here make her way through the harbour and home.
Her parents are also to be commended, what faith they showed.