Friday, May 07, 2010

A very bad sketch of my fish

The colouring on this should be much much stronger and the scan came out even after manipulation, much too light.
I really love this fish I bought on Bribie Island, and I am sorry Caroline but I cant work out who made it, the signature is not good.
Any way feeling I needed something quick to sketch in between feeling I cant do anything I stood in the sun room and did this.
I really cant get enthused at the moment I need a goal I think and as we are off again for 2 weeks near the end of the month all I can think about is what to take with me to do and how will I organise everything, again, house sitter, cat to cattery, and this is the fishing trip, could be wet and cold, although I dont fish I usually try to take lots to do. This time I feel a bit stymied.
Instead of carrying on about it here is another of Basho's Haiku.
First winter rain-
I plod on.
Traveller, my name.


annie said...

Aww, Penny, I LIKE your fish. Whether it looks like the other fish or not, it has a delightful personality.

Wanda said...

Looks pretty good to me, Penny!