Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lonely Pelican

I made a bit of a mess of his beak, but never mind.
I love our great black and white birds, when Lake Eyre floods in the center of Australia up they fly to breed, there are always a few around the river and the sea.
This one was just standing at the mouth of our little river which had broken through to the sea. I think he was hoping for a fish to swim by.
Still no rain to speak of, I have hoses back on today.
I did manage to let the old chooks out and the old pug, try as he might, couldnt find a way to get in to them.
They may be safe for a little while. I know John doesnt want to kill them, but they are eating lots of expensive food so if they can find some themselves it would be a help. They havent laid an egg for weeks now and they really are old!!
My short haiku tonight is another of Basho's
Early autumn -
rice field, ocean,
one green.


Gwen Buchanan said...

you are so full of life!! People must love being around you!!

Phillips said...

I just wanted to say that I love your sketches and your use of the sketch book. Best wishes from a very cold and frosty May in the UK!

Richard King said...

I was reading about your chickens and thought you might be interested in something I read earlier today at

I thought it was a hoax, but it seems to be true.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I think your pelican is wonderful! How amazing for you to see him in his natural environment.

We've had thunder and lightening and POURING rain the last 24hrs with more forcast. We did need more rain but I think we may have gotten some of yours too:)