Monday, May 10, 2010

An owl for Mothers Day

My youngest daughter gave me this really cute little owl for mother's day. I collect owls and she always manages to find me one that is a bit different.
We had a lovely day yesterday, breakfast in the morning, a walk along the cliffs to Kings Beach and then lunch in the scrub at Tab and John's property. All set up with tables and chairs, and Johns more elderly parents, Tab, Gaby Millie and Mason, I seemed to spend a lot of time keeping the 'nappy gang' happy, Johns sister and all the girls and Gaby's Wade so a good gathering in about the farthest part of their property.
Probably the most social mothers day I have ever had.
The boys all rang and it was a stunningly beautiful day.
But we need the rain desperately.
My mother didnt have a terribly good day but more on that tomorrow.
My Haiku tonight is by Joso.
In a wayside shrine,
a hungry owl
hoots and hides,
so bright is the moon!

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Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. Your owl is so adorable! Glad your day was so very good for Mothers Day! The walk on the cliffs sounded really awesome!!!