Thursday, May 27, 2010


The first is just a face I did while waiting to be called to help with dinner. I havent sketched a face for ages and although her eyes are a bit odd on the whole I rather like her.
We went to the big morning tea this morning at the community hall, this is to raise money for cancer research and the locals turn up in force and all the stuff is donated and there are some very good cake makers amongst them. We met up with a few people and had a great morning. The local school did some skits from Grease which was fun, they certainly were not shy and got into it all with great enthusiasm.
We came home full of cake and didnt really want lunch so I sat and sketched the view from where I was sitting. There are so many of these little rocky points covered in a bit of vegetation and wonderful limestone rocks, the land is the other side of the narrow channel that we look out onto.
The weather has got colder today, no sun and a bit of wind.
We will go for a walk later but today, after a slightly disturbed night (too much squid I think!) I feel a bit tired.
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