Thursday, May 20, 2010

Imaginary flower sketch

I sat with an aching back and wanting to sketch, I do not know where this came from or what it is but here it is, some imaginary flower, that may not be from my imagination at all.
We are off tomorrow to Coffin Bay on the West Coast of South Australia near Pt Lincoln.
A wonderful place where the fellows fish and M and I walk and talk and sew and read and catch up with friends.
The only trouble is... getting ready to go, the cat to the cattery (not done yet) food for the dogs to be bought for the house sitter, not done yet either, nor is the chook food collected, these are the last minute things to do later this afternoon.
I have made 2 different types of biscuits, a cake, some bread and started to pack all the things I want to take with me. They are more important than clothes.
I have to pack clothes for 2 seasons, with any luck it will be wet and cold but then again it may not be, so mostly stuff for around the house but a few bits in case we go out. Then there is the bedding and finally what we need to take from the house so we dont have to buy it, as well as pack up the bread maker. Those hungry fishermen like fresh bread for their lunch.
Not finished yet so I had better go and write up the lists.
I will be taking the small notebook and possibly the printer (the men need to know about the weather and the tides!) so I will still be in touch.
My Haiku for today is by a woman called Hisajo Sugita.
In a day of chrysanthemums
I shake and comb my wet hair
Letting the drops fall.

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virgen3 said...

I do like today's haiku.
Enjoy your time away, sounds wonderful.
Hubby & I are off to join Janet & friends in Bali next week so I too am sorting "stuff", other than clothes, to take away.