Saturday, May 08, 2010

Sketchbook scenes

The first one of a young Norfolk Island Pine was done this morning after our walk and while waiting for my coffee, we walked along the beach at the Bay but there was a lot of seaweed and the tide was in so not really much of a walk.
I have been setting up a small bench by the back door to do some metal work on and I think what I have finally done will work. I have also planted some sprouting little onions, but the ground is so dry it is unbelievable.
the second sketch I did of a family at play on the beach in Queensland. Two smalls who I think were twins mother and Dad trying to take photos. They kept moving so this had to be very hurried.
So all in all I think a bit more done today and I feel a bit more in the real world, brought down with a bump by my sister who rang to say that she thinks they will have to put Mummy into the high care area of the nursing home.
Not looking forward to that.
This Haiku by Basho perhaps is pertinent.
Visiting tombs,
white-hairs bow
over canes.


PamelaB said...

Just want to say I haven't commented lately but I do visit your blog every day and love your sketches and the glimpses of your very busy life.

Julie said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Best wishes for her.