Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A jug of flowers

Just to prove I can do things other than in black and white.
I am really not terribly good at flowers but this morning I walked for about 2 hours, with my knee not really liking me. The other two walked for 3 but rang a husband to collect them!
Any way I walked and took photos and picked three tiny flower heads off the only gums that were flowering, I think none are native to the area but I may be wrong.
The yellow was really more of a creamy white with a touch of green.
I made a bit of a mess of the coloured ones, but the first is watercolour on not terribly good paper, then a graphitint drawing in my sketchbook and then again in my sketchbook one using mostly inktense pencils with water from a water brush.
It was interesting to do the same subject in different ways. Certainly the composition probably could have been better.
A bit of drizzle around on my walk. but now some sun and not much wind.
The fellows have at least been supplying us with fresh fish, although only just, they dont like us having the good fish as that is frozen and goes home with us.
Sounds like squid and snook for dinner tonight, they have just rung in to say they are going to see if they can get a few more crabs as well.
I have been trying to make a photographic record of the old shacks that are left, another is being demolished to day.
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annie said...

Your flowers are always bright and cheering. I love them. The important thing is that you do them. I need to follow your example more instead of promising myself I'll do one tomorrow.

Julie said...

What fun to do your painting/sketching in different formats! Just want to tell you that SNOOK is my fav fish of all times, and I am very jealous!!!