Monday, May 17, 2010

A rock sculpture

I have been having fun making these little piles of rocks in my garden.
Having brought back rocks that I have picked up for ever, now I know what to do with them!
The top ones wobble and sometimes fall off but that is the fun of the things.
I also brought back that bit of wood which is leaning over my pile from the beach the other day.
Lots of hopeful looking clouds, but unfortunately still dry.
I wish this Haiku was correct, it is by Shiki.
Ho, for the May rains!
frogs swim
in through my open
door for a visit!


Wanda said...

I have many of these rock sculptures in my yard too Penny.They create a very peaceful scene!
Hope your back is feeling better!

Julie said... may not want THAT MUCH RAIN!!! No frogs swimmin in for a visit, please!!! I do hope it rains there soon tho!!!

Those piles of rocks really look neat. I sure wish we had rocks is rock barren around Florida!!! Nice sketch!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

My neighbour (before pulling the house down and putting up four boring boxes) had a lovely back garden based on Buddhist ideas of simplicity, a statue, rocks, bare spaces. Lovely.