Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Flinders Ranges

This was a very quick sketch done with my new Pitt pens, I bought the three sets and I do rather like the way you can play with them.
This was done from the front of the friends farm house that I stayed in for the week end.
From their front you can see the Flinders Ranges and from the back across cropping land to the sea at the top of the Gulf. The Flinders are very old and have the most incredible colours. The ground here tends to be red. I have had a lovely few days but I was so tired before I went that I think I was tired all the time, but lovely to be amongst friends, even tho I had to drive 5 hours up and again home on Monday. More tiring doing it on your own and having to go right through the city doesnt help. I am now catching up on house work etc, have finally unpacked.
I believe my Mother is feeling more at home in her new surroundings and isnt hating us as much. We still have lots of packing up to do. So I will be busy for the next week or so.

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