Saturday, August 26, 2006


Well after yesterday's rather messy painting of daffodils I have sat today and drawn some more and on the whole they look a lot better.
I walked the long way up the hill tonight and then was caught by the cows coming past the back gate after milking.
John is still not 100% but is slowly getting better.
Tomorrow I will have a busy day as I am supposed to be in Adelaide for afternoon tea at 2 and then have someone for dinner tomorrow night. I think I am organised.


Lin said...

FABULOUS, Penny! Such nice line quality here and rich detailing!! SUPER JOB~!!! BTW, we won't see daffodils for another 7 months or so -- it's a joy to see yours!

Alison said...

essence of daffodil in line - well done. Spring is bursting upon us here too - very pleasant except for the knowledge that it fortells summer and dry.