Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hyacinth Flower

I know this isnt strictly on a walk but I did find this extroadinary coloured Hyacinth in a very neglected pot on my way out to the back gate. I smelt it first and then remembered that I had meant to pot the bulbs out and here was the poor thing flowering in this odd colour, I think it had been stressed by no rain and then probably got wet because we had been watering. I have brought it inside, not because it is beautiful but its scent is.
I was going to add water as they are watercolour colour pencils but didnt think it would work.
I may not post tomorrow as my mother has broken a bone in her ankle (so they tell me) and I have to go to Adelaide to see her.
Oh and I did walk, but I have done it so often there isnt much I can do with grass and more grass at the moment.


Alison said...

That's bad luck for your mother. Mine is up now and creeping about but her dementia and mobility problems mean she has to be supervised 24/7, a very difficult job to achieve at home.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I am sorry to hear about your mother's fall. It does happen to elderly people so easily.
Good you noticed the poor little plant. Our potted plants do look dismal because I've neglected them. But people still buy plants -I find money in the letter box or near the back door at times when I'm out.
Good if you use you pencils with water because I find coloured pencil pics barely reproduce on the scanner.

Penny said...

Hi Wendy yes pencil is a nuisance on a scanner as it really doesnt look good unless you do what I do and I have the free Adobe photoshop elements which does allow you to crop and sharpen. This helps a bit but sometimes if you use any of the colour stuff it does very odd things to paintings.

Tony F said...

Our sense of smell and our memory are so closely linked. What funny old brains we have!