Friday, August 04, 2006

Incredible sky

I walked the dogs for about 3/4 of an hour tonight and as I came back I saw this incredible sky. I raced home and painted, yes painted it with watercolour, it was orange in the right hand area and then blue and grey, I decided not to add the hills as they really detracted from it. I was so pleased! I have actually painted, and this afternoon I had a bit of time for myself to do the EDM Challenge on souvenirs (Japanese Kokeshi dolls) on my other blog (Back Valley seasons). I have felt so frustrated that everything is just rush rush rush and no time to do any sketching/painting properly.
Loved having the girls last night and this morning but morning means getting up early to make lunches and get one to the school bus by 7.55 and one into school with the bags because they spend next week with Daddy by 8.45. Sometimes I only get up at 8 am!! They were apparently awake and having a mug of tea each at 4 am as the dog was put outside for a wee a disapeared!(spelling?). He did come back. They are delightful girls, 9 and 14 now, but they have stayed with me since they were small ( I had the youngest Celina with me for 10 days when she was only a few weeks old when her mother had a terrible accident and ended up in intensive care, an interesting experience to say the least.) I guess I am closer to them than any of my other grand children because they know me and I know them so well.


Alison said...

A lovely little painting and a nice write up of your day. I hope things slow down for you soon - I hate it too when there's no time to just be.

Julie Oakley said...

This is really lovely. I love where the bits of white paper show through the paint