Monday, August 14, 2006

Just imagine

I still cant get any images up on my blog so I am just going to have to give you word pictures instead. That will test my and your imagination.
My walks usually start by letting the dogs, two pugs and a rescue black kelpie type out and we head out the back gate into the paddocks. It has been very dry lately so we are experiencing a rather worrying early spring. The birds are loving it, as I walk I can hear the call of the currawongs, large black crow like birds with white tails and a lovely lilting call. They eat fruit and we only see them down here at the house at this time of the year and when the fruit is ripe. Dozens of scarlet and blue rosellas are flocking in the gum trees which are flowering, also chattering away and making their bell like calls.
Further down the rough track the spectacular pink and grey galahs are walking importantly around seeng what grain is left in the cow pats, or being rude to me from the trees as I pass by.
Well we have only got a few hundred yards from the house, but that is probably enough descriptions for today.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

fMaybe write some poetry about your walks until you fix the problem Penny. Do you scan pictures into My Pictures, then if they are too big reduce them. I have a crazy way of dealing with size - email the pic to myself and it's smaller! Send to My Documents.
Is the problem with your scanner or with your blog site?
Anyway keep drawing and painting anyway.

Penny said...

Hi Wendy it seems to be with the blog site.