Wednesday, August 09, 2006


As I was walking this morning I suddenly realised that my neighbour over the road who has a very suburban house right on the road and looks a little out of place in our very rural landscape, had planted daffodils along the front fence and so I sketched them then and there and came back to add some colour. I am having terrible trouble getting lines straight at the moment, I think it has something to do with my wonky eye.
The neighbours are in Queensland at the moment so we are keeping an eye on things . It is a very strange house as there is a car port and then you look straight out to the paddocks and hills beyond from the road. Still it is a huge improvement on the derelict fibro that used to be there.
I have done a bit of weeding today and feel very bach achy again, not surprising as I am still cleaning out cupboards inside.

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Tony F said...

Gosh Penny, this picture just works beautifully... is it the composition or your colour pallette? An ordinary house transformed. I would love this hanging in my living room.