Thursday, August 17, 2006

Finally I can post an image.

Well what seems like weeks and is probably only days I can finally post an image.
I have had to install firefox and that seems to be doing the trick, although blogger say they are trying to sort out the problem. I really dont like having to use another server.
I have been to Adelaide for two days, and am very tired but we have finally had some rain, which is better than nothing but we have had hot days and gale force northerleys so things were looking pretty grim.
This sketch was done on my normal walk around the house paddock, I was using my new Derwent Inktense pencils to see what they did. I quite like them although they dont appear to be selling well here in South Australia, I had awful trouble getting the 12 pencil set.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Good to hear you're in business again Penny. We've had a little rain overnight and the grass is green, but our restrictions are very severe. I'll post something about water on one of our blogs.
Sometimes my posting a pic doesn't work,but I just try try try again, changing the size, etc.

Alison said...

Are these pencils watercolour ones or just plain? I see Katherine in Making a Mark uses coloured pencils in Moleskins so I must have a go as there's not much that works in them and I have to finish it.

Penny said...

Alison these are watercolour ones and are a lot more intense than the normal derwent watercolour. Although when I asked about them at Ekersleys they told me that the people in there didnt think they were any different to the normal ones. They are.