Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cleaning out the shed

I have walked today, but I have also walked a million steps cleaning out the shed. We took 2 loads up to the dump, put cots and playpens in the garage ceiling, moved some things to other places and generally got stuck in. What I have sketched is only a fraction of what was there. I think I made it all look far too spotty but I had fun doing this as I was so tired afterwards I could hardly walk and my back does not like me at all.
I have been meaning to get this done for months but with the stuff coming from my mother I have to find somewhere to put it while I wait for the rest of the family to sort out what they want.
I rang my mother today and although a bit confused sounding she was quite happy with where she is so that is a relief.
Now to make a lasagna for dinner as the two grand children I have coming to stay over night, love it.


Julie Oakley said...

So glad to read that your mother is coming round

Alison said...

well, that was an achievement for the day and yes, it's great that your mother is settling in - you will be able to feel so much more relaxed about her situation.

Lin said...

OH MY GOSH!! CAN Y OU COME FOR A VISIT AND HELP ME CLEAN OUT MY SHED!!!! GREAT SKETCH!!!! But what a chore! Enjoy those grands!

Penny said...

Thank you all, Lin any time if you pay the air fare!!