Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Cliff top garden

I am not sure if this is actually conveying what I want it to. This was my impression of what the running postman (red dots, represent a bright red pea flower) on the limesone cliff with a large rock that was surrounded by the flowers. I must say they dont make a huge statement but are very attractive.
Of course being limestone there were a lot of varying colours of grey and I am not sure how well I have done this. I think I need more lessons.
This was done after Sunday's walk, I have walked today but with John ill I am not going very far.


Lin said...

WHAT A FABULOUS, MOOD-FILLED image, Penny!! YES, I can see the wee red flowers and the bolder in the middle -- love the way it feels!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Almost abstract. Lovely. Can you also do some detailed drawings of the plant, really close up. There's an Australian painter, John Wolseley who looks at the broad landscape and also at tiny details, almost like a botanist does and I love his work.

Gail P. said...

You do such lovely watercolors!
Gail P.

Alison said...

A lovely dreamy sketch

Tony F said...

Lovely, lovely watercolour Penny. The mood is charming and very evocative. The red of the Kennedia prostrata add a whimsical element to the composition. Well done. More please.