Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dry land plants in the Botanic Gardens

Aftaer spending over 4 hours yesterday norning packing boxes of my mother's stuff (Who will pack mine?) we called it a day and I went into the Botanic Gardens for a couple of hours while John went to a meeting.
I had a lot of trouble finding domewhere with out the sun in my eyes but did this little painting looking towards the succulent and dry land garden.
I had bought a little hand made paper book for about $6 in an art store ages ago and I found the paper delightful to paint on. I had a tiny bottle of water in my bag and my toothbtush container with about 8 pans of watercolour in it and it was really quite succesful.
So peaceful except for the helicopters arriving and departing on the helipad at the hospital next door. What can you expect tho as our gardens are set right in the centre of the city.
All up today I have walked and walked, I did an early morning one as well!


Alison said...

Lovely - this composition reminds me of Ken Done, though not as bright.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

My resolution to draw each day isn't working yet, yet there is so much around us, tiny shapes and textures as well as expansive scenes. The patterns in gardens constantly are amazing. I still don't take paints about, and just rely upon pens so must get better organised to add more colour.

Julie Oakley said...

I like the brush strokes loaded with colour. Re - packing up, I have wonderful in-laws who started sorting out, re-distributing and throwing out stuff long before their health declined, just out of thoughtfulness for their children – can you credit such selflessness?

Tony F said...

Yes, I agree, another lovely composition. I can easily recognise the flowering aloes, the yucca, cacti, etc. Looks like this was done with a quick, but expert hand Penny. I'm green with envy!