Friday, January 19, 2007

Back Valley Womens Institute Building

I am not sure if this is the Back Valley or Lower Inman Womens Institute hall but as the bigger hall next to it is the Back Valley hall that is what I have called it.
Must look up its history. It is stone with brick finishes and a little tin lean to on the back. Very small.
we went down in the pouring rain to watch the Tour Down Under (cycle race) go past only to discover we were too late, fastest time ever for that leg I think, we missed them by about 10 minutes and I had allowed 20 minutes before according to the program. Any way I sketched this little building until we realised we were too late.
I walked the dogs this evening, along with about 10 million bush flies to see if any water was in the dam behind the house but it is still a cracked bare area of mud. We have had all up about 20 mm of rain, it is very warm, tropical and humid and the crickets are all singing, havent heard them for ages.
The drought hasnt broken but at least the garden has had a good drink and the tanks have more water in them, although as John said, now for a huge germination of summer weeds


Emma Pod said...

I've enjoyed browsing through your two blogs! They must keep you busy. You've made some lovely drawings/paintings. I'm just starting to dabble with watercolor and find it a challenge. I also really like your stitching creations and the new baby ponies.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What is the history of your area, Penny? When was Victor Harbour area settled?
It is raining and raining here today - at last - but last night was very humid. I believe they had flooded streets in Mildura!

Penny said...

wendy there were sealers and whalers here before SA was settled so about 1800's at a guess, then the early settlers came here just after settlement 1836/7/8.I would imagine this went up about 1890 to 1900. Johns father took up this farm in 1908 and there was some one here before that. I cant find the book that tells me!!