Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pt Elliott High Street

Damp and drizzly this morning so we went to Goolwa but couldnt get a park after we had been to look at the barrages so we stopped in Pt Elliott for coffee and as the street is on a slope we sat outside and I sketched this looking down towards the main road. I would like to expand on this one day.
This little town still has a village feel about it but I hadnt realised how nice it was until I got this really good seat and view.
Coffee was ok.
We had had a pleasant damp walk along the River Murray but I was wanting to take photos and the batteries on the camera died after 4 photos. There are two on my Back Valley seasons blog (links).


Julie Oakley said...

It does look like a lovely place - a mixture of England (the church) and the wild west (the verandahs at the front of the shops)

Susan said...

What a great sketch. I hope to see this as a watercolor one of these days. I really liked your watercolor a few posts back. You are taking an art class?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes Penny, make a coloured pic of this. Verandahs - oh yes, very Australian. When I visited NZ (Auckland) I noticed a lack of verandahs which made the houses look like boxes.
Near the Murray River? My word, you have the sea, the land, and now a river. Have you done any pics of the river or is it all silted up there?
What do you think of the new idea to make the Murray Darling Basin national?

Alison said...

Yes, this would be a good sketch to work up to something more.