Wednesday, January 31, 2007

House in Victor

I love this odd little house which I think is now a shop, it sits at the end of the car park and I sketched it while waiting for John and added the colour when I got home.
Had a dreadful day yesterday, well the day was ok but my mother looked so lost and forlorn and really wasnt with it. Tabby my youngest daughter, came with me and we went out for lunch which Mummy was very pleased about, the food in the nursing home is appalling and she was so pleased to have a smoked salmon salad.
I was so tired when I got home and then didnt sleep at all well. it is so depressing.


Alison said...

This looks quite Tuscan - not that I've been there. I'm sorry the food's poor at your mother's home - I think it must be impossible to find a home where everything is great. Still it's horrid to have to confront or make do with the aspects that aren't so good

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

It looks Greek to me - not that I've been there also! Nice composition.
Hey, about those meals. Yes, I was appalled by the food served to my mother in the Extended Care Unit of a country hospital. Limp, awful, boring food - and my mother had once been a superb cook, though she had her querky choices at times - always loved fresh tomatoes, salt and pepper on her toast for breakfast.
Milky coffee at 10 a.m. which in the early days she shared with the butcher or grocer who called to get an order. (Now this was the 50s!)
In her final three years, she never asked the hospital staff for special favours, just politely ate their awful food. So sad.

Julie Oakley said...

I wanted to comment on the lovely picture, but I was so moved by the thought of appalling food in a nursing home. Every time I have to soldier on when I'm ill I think of how much worse it must be to be old and frail and ill and having to put up with the ministrations of inept staff. So the next time I feel hard done by having to shop and cook for six, I'll feel grateful that I get to choose and make the food I want to eat.

Tony F said...

A lovely composition Penny. And your blog readers are just as lovely. Take care and best wishes.