Wednesday, January 24, 2007

This mornings painting

I think this comes into walking and sketching, it is the mouth of the Inman River in Victor with Granite Island beyond. I walked and walked mostly back to the car for 'stuff' but I also did the dogs this evening.
I was actually quite pleased with this one, but I am so tired tonight, we painted outside for 3 hours and then did another 3 on tecniques in the afternoon.
I am sooo tired. A lovely day, tomorrow we have a model for portraits, that could be interesting. Another painting on my other blog.


Alison said...

These are both beautiful compositions and such lovely Aussie colours. Have fun tomorrow with a portrait

Julie Oakley said...

This is gorgeous - I love the paper showing through and I agree with ALison about the colours

Jana Bouc said...

Lovely, Penny. I enjoyed visiting and seeing your recent work. Very nice!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

LIke Julie I like the paper showing through. An artist does not have to make a 'photograph' but an impression/interpretation of place.
Very nice Penny.
Three hours outside - now that is a marathon. An hour is my limit, and - today we went to the Skandia site (yachties) and didn't know that the car was being booked! $50 it cost for that hour drawing! Despicable that they have parking metres (hidden I reckon) at the beach!

Tom G said...

Hmm...looks like everyone else said it already, but I love the paper showing through.

Not everyone knows when to stop applying paint (myself included), but you seem to have it down.

Nice work.