Monday, January 15, 2007

Welsh Pony Youngstock Show

I went to the show yesterday intending to sketch quite a lot but I kept being needed for things, talked to by people and this very hasty sketch was all i managed! A bit of an evenful day as I was up at 4 am, left with the car and float and 2 ponies at 5, about 6 I hit a very large kangaroo on the road, came around a corner and there he was, luckily I wasnt going fast and after an almighty thump in which I think he got off worse than the car i drove on for a little bit, didnt want to see what I had done to the roo, I stopped, a broken left hand headlight and a few sprung panels which will cost but at least the car was drivable. More nuisance than anything. An insurance claim. Arrived at the showground around 7. A very long day by the time we got home. The ponies did reasonably well.
John had gone fishing and came home with some huge whiting and best of all some squid, calamari for dinner. Yum.


Alison said...

You do very well to manage long hot days like these - I would be wilting by lunch time. I'm looking forward to going to the annual agricultural show though to do some sketching.

Tom G said...

Fantastic sketch.

The quick suggestive lines are great. The ponies, for example, are only made up of a few lines, but they couldn't look any more real.

This could actually be my favorite of your sketches.

Julie Oakley said...

I agree with Alison. Even though I moan about mud and rain and cold, I really couldn't walk much in the heat.