Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fallen branch of tree

Whew! I have finally loaded this sketch, it has only taken all day after last night two men played with the computers until very late, and I couldnt go to bed as they were in the little office off the bedroom. Then blogger played up, I didnt know where my scan had gone or how to get it back. Oh hell I am so p... off. everytime they play with things on the computer it makes a mess of it.
Any way a day of visitors as well as people doing things on the computer, I walked, sketched this fallen branch, it doesnt look very big from this angle but it was huge. So is the tree. to do it from the other side it was a tangle of branches.
I am tired and cross.


Alison said...

Well, it looks pretty huge to me. I suppose someone will have to chainsaw it up and then it will be your firewood?

Julie Oakley said...

I hope your cross feeling subsides.
It is so frustrating when things go wrong on computers. Oh and to be unable to go to bed when you want to. We had huge winds here yesterday as well, quite a few branches off the trees.

Tom G said...

Nice job making the branch "pop."