Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Children at the beach

I have decided that children do not stay still enough for me to sketch them! This was tryng to get some basic attitudes of children at the beach when we walked. Not that I walked at the beach yesterday, I am cheating again but my feet hurt and it is getting hotter and hotter, I think Xmas and the New Year are all catching up and I am feeling a bit weary.
I did make the dogs walk with me to check the foal, he is gaining a bit of weight and not so ribby but still a tiny little thing.
Hoses are going on early in the morning and at night so it makes for a long day.
Friends tonight to eat the prawns and left over fish and drink champagne, not good for the waist either.

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Julie Oakley said...

Kids - very difficult but there are some beautifully observed bits. I particularly like the slight knock knees in the bottom left.