Friday, January 12, 2007

Our Paddocks

Another very quick sketch and throw on of paint of one of our very dry paddocks. I did this early today as we are going to the local Rotary art show opening soon. This is a huge art show with all types of paintings entered.
I walked across to look at this paddock this morning while I was out the back feeding one of the pony stallions. Very strange cloud formations. It has been cooler but overcast and sticky today.
You will get sick of dry looking paddocks with the odd tree. This is one we planted millet in and the cows had just eaten it off so looks barer than normal. If we get another rain with any luck it may green up again, that is what happened last time.


Alison said...

Another lovely one, Penny - enhanced by the fact that you've put nothing in the paddocks - makes it look so bare and dry.

Julie Oakley said...

I love this one - so simple and such a lovely pallette of colours – very calming.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes, that is certainly the look of the land at present. The spare way you depicted it tells it all.

Hey, a Rotary Art Show. Yep, Peceli's club has one too, but I don't like most of the stuff they show - rather dull pictures usually - but some sell and the funds go to local health causes. They don't show young local artists, but a few minor artists with their names in books!

Tony F said...

A beautiful composition Penny. I love the perspective, the colours and the simplicity. You have achieved real loveliness here and with such a light hand. I think that this picture should be hanging on a wall somewhere!