Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cattle grid

This is an alternate way of getting into a property instead of opening a gate. This one has wonderfully messed up sides to it which look as if it has been hit by trucks or tractors, it is to stop cattle from going through and next to it is a large and unweildy cocky gate, which I havent yet sketched, to allow stock through.
I walked early this morning as it was so hot to find this grid down the road. I saw more on Kangaroo Island, they dont seem to be in use so much here but I think I know where there is another slightly different one.
I have had fun finding rural fences and gates etc.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What a strange looking gate. I recognize the cattle grid.
Thanks for visiting our blog and your nice comments.
It's very hot here today in Geelong.
Re. the 'back-to', I haven't made up my mind yet. At least my hair is now a kind of golden colour!

Alison said...

Another great gate - the pencil or whatever really suits this theme.