Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have no idea if I have spelt this correctly and again it is a pretty poor excuse for a walk but this is one of my pots in the garden when I leave for my walk. A pretty depressing day, we have about 3 weeks water left in the big dam which supplies the dairy and a lot of troughs and part of my garden. So no watering with the hoses from that dam. usually the springs start to rise at the end of january but who knows what they will do this year.
However last night we went to the opening of the big Rotary art show, I believe the biggest in Australia of its type, and I bought a painting, called The girls it is 3 figures wearing very flamboyant type clothing, very textile and fun. Not a lot of room on my walls so some things will have to get moved.
Very tired and have to get up tomorrow and be ready to leave with the float at 4.45 am. I am not looking foreward to it. Our big Welsh youngstock show, at least I dont have to have the judge tomorrow night.


Alison said...

It's a lovely pot. So little water - what a worry. How many cattle do you have?

Tony F said...

Another gorgeous watercolour Penny. You have such an affinity for pots and flowers! I can appreciate your concern about the water situation. Our dams on KI are mostly down to muddy clay. Fortunately we have no livestock to maintain (apart from our neighbour's sheep) but the lawns will have to suffer through. We head back to Adelaide tomorrow, holiday's over - even the dog is depressed.

Julie Oakley said...

I always buy one every Christmas to remind me of my tropical roots. It usually dies of thirst by February - and I can't blame the weather. I really like the fresh saturated colours you've used.

stela barreto said...

Great sketch book! I love to sketch too when I am traveling. Visit my blog, I am a portuguese painter who loves art.
By Stela

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Pointsettia or pointsiana maybe? I'm not sure either. Lovely painting. How big are your pictures by the way? A4 or less?
The most beautiful pointsiana (sp?) trees I think of are in the compound of the Ba hospital in Fiji. Glorious red flowers on large trees.
I bought a potplant like this a year ago and it did not survive. I think supermarket potted flowers only last for the Christmas season!

Penny said...

Alison we have over 400 dairy cows plus heifers etc. A lot.
Wendy a lot of my stuff is done in a very small quill ring bound 110 gsm sketchbook from all newsagents for about $2 the ones I carry with me are about A6 size! so small. Sometimes the next one up which is about A5, usually if I paint it is about A5 too, have trouble with anything bigger!