Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Blogger wouldnt let me in this morning, or else we were having a few hiccups with the computers. We were in Adelaide yesterday. This was done at a friends house while I sheltered from the heat looking to her outside seating area, the weather forecast was wrong and instead of a cooler change it was stinking hot, still hot when we left around 9.30.
John had a couple of meetings and then was giving a talk about the old family home at Stonyfell for the Burnside historical Society. As I was manning the laptop and doing the photos to go with his speach there was no time for sketching.
I did see my mother and bought some stuff for the course I am doing in April then waited over an hour for John to finish his meeting and was wilting in the heat even if I did find a shady tree.
Ok for those who live and work in Adelaide, not for those of us who have to make a day of it. I feel totally not with it today.
Have just finished reading 'The First Lady' by Michael Dobbs, a good read and insight in to all the nasty bits of politics. I can draw parralells here in both State and Federal.


Alison said...

Oh, poor you in the horrible heat. We had very pleasant weather at the Blue Mountains though it can be fiercely hot there too. I am looking forward to going to Forum - no responsibilities or relatives there!

phthaloblu said...

This is such a simple and clean sketch. Nice color.