Sunday, February 04, 2007


I walked early this morning, we had fog and couldnt even see the bottom of the orchard but it burnt off quickly.
I did this canna in its pot when I got back it has such mad bright leaves and a bright orange flower, it was so hot even then that the paint dried too quickly so I have some bits of background that are over painted.
John is off fishing and I see that at the moment, 2 pm it is 41 degrees in Adelaide on the weather station on the computer.
My house is now hot too and the air conditioner doesnt work all that well out where my computer is, better under John's but somehow I couldnt get the scans to come up there, typical that the male gets the best place to work, none of my work places are cool when it is like this.


Robyn said...

What I wouldn't do for air con! I am sitting here in front of the standard fan hoping your weather isn't coming to Sydney tomorrow. Oh! I wish it would rain!

Cin said...

Hi Penny

wow I really like the color combinations in this, whatever shade you call the background (mauve maybe?) looks terrific against the vibrant colors of the plant.

and thank you for your comment!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Yes the dull background colour makes the flower colours more vibrant. Only by practice can you find out what colours do to one another.
I notice your paper wrinkles a bit when you scan it. That happens to me a lot when I use thin paper or too much watery paint.
It was warm today, but yesterday wasn't hot at all.

Alison said...

Oh, poor you having SUCH hot weather - 'only' 34 here today - just as well as I had to find somewhere to go out with Mum for 4 hours - we could do a gallery but she prefers to be outside.

linfrye said...

OH YES, those cannas are so bRILLIANT with various colors -- and you've done a glorious job here with them!!!! BRAVA, Penny!

Julie Oakley said...

I can't see the cannas yet *sniff*. I'll have to visit another time