Friday, February 16, 2007

Wet the beds

These little dandelions, daisies, what ever, we call wet the bed, and are not good if the ponies eat them as they develop some sort of pseudo string halt. I dont mind them if they are not near the ponies and there was a very cheerful collection of them by the dam in a damp place this morning when I went to do the feeds. I am hot and bothered and sticky and nasty at the moment as i have just come back from my walk, hot and steamy out there. tomorrow they are still forecasting 40. Oh heck its too hot and bothery.


Tony F said...

Love this sketch Penny - did you use crayon? Sorry to hear about your frightful day in Adelaide, hope your neck and back improve quickly. I had a near miss in a multi-level carpark during the week and felt quite shaken afterwards so I can imagine how 'precious' you were after the collision. We're back on KI this weekend, awfully hot here as well but probably not as bad as Adelaide. The dog has the fidgets and can't keep cool. Meanwhile, Carolyn and I have decided on separate bedrooms tonight.

Julie Oakley said...

well done on getting out in this heat. There's something fairly common here that you can't have in horses fields, but I don't think it could be dandelions, they're everywhere.