Monday, February 05, 2007

Cool clouds

Well that is what they are supposed to be, they hung around the hill for most of the day and then came over a couple of hours ago.
Very hot in Adelaide apparently but we had a pleasant day all day.
Actually it was so nice I walked twice and this last one when I took the dogs I got positively cold in shorts and t shirt.
John was off to meetings all day today, I am so used to having him around I get a bit lonely but I did good things today, washed the floors, did some washing and got on with some more of my textile stuff and those walks.
Of course there is still a huge pile of ironing yet to do oh well cant do everything!


Alison said...

Wonderful, Penny - you've got the feel just right. You could just put the washing under your mattress for a few days.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Confident and spacious and the colour beaut.
Hey, what's ironing Penny? Just bring it in carefully and hang it up straight away!

Julie Oakley said...

This is really lovely Penny.The colours, those lovely brush strokes for the sky - really good

Tony F said...

Just lovely, as usual!