Saturday, February 10, 2007

Big Grey Aloe

This is the big grey arizona (I think) Aloe, they are flowering all around the district at the moment. I havent had much time to do anything today, except clean up and think about what to feed the friends who I have asked for dinner, I dont feel at all ready so I had better go and get glasses out and plates, we cant work out wether to have it inside or out as the weather is cool and cant make up its mind, so if I have everything ready then a decision can be made when they come. After all they are old friends.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I don't know the aloe plant. I guess it is a succulant.
Inviting people for dinner - well, we were on a progressive dinner last night and it was a great night. In the country for Indonesian soup - super and a dog named Enya and we were outside though rain threatened. The rain started as we moved for the main course in town,(ten in each house) and then we talked so much we were late for sweets (gorgeous assortment that made me dream all night!) in an outer suburb of Geelong (then fifty of us). It was a fun night - ten at a time is enough for me. Not fifty and noise.

Julie Oakley said...

I've seen plants like that growing in gardens here. I guess there must be a variety that can stand the cold. Well drawn.

Tony F said...

Could this plant be Agave americana (the Century Plant)? It throws an enormous flower after about 10 years (not 100) and then the main plant dies, but the surrounding 'pups' live on. Very hardy and common in our mediterranean climate.