Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dark blue Plumbago

I have several of the ordinary blue plumbago and ages ago I bought this much nicer darker blue one and this year it has really taken off.
It is so hot that walking is almost out of the question so I have been doing my exercises inside instead.
I hope we may go into Victor for a walk this evening but as it was between 42 and 44 degrees in there a bit after 3 this afternoon, it may not be all that pleasant.
Hence the blue plumbago as I had to paint something and these are on the wrought iron on the front terrace. I suppose I could have said I had walked and no one but I would have known.


Julie Oakley said...

The heat sounds awful. This is very pretty, and lovely wrought iron.

Tony F said...

A lovely watercolour Penny - stunning colours and the fence looks very attractive. A cool scene for such a hot day!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Blue and green should never be they used to tell us, but of course in nature there are plenty examples of blue sky, green grass, etc.
Nice pic.
It's 25 today here which is okay, but a bit humid. It was hot and humid at Bateman's bay but cooler on the trip back yesterday.