Saturday, February 10, 2007


I had a full on day yesterday from feeding ponies really early to Adelaide and discovering my mother is down with a stomach thing again. this is the third time and I am not happy, John had a meeting in town which is why I went. we got home late after what was to me a largely wasted day and while shopping when we got home saw this rather odd looking young man, dressed a bit like a pirate, bandanna, wasp waist, etc, only had time to race out to the car and try to remember what he looked like.
Home to feed up and race back into a low cost, noisyand sort of ok eating place I have never been too but it was packed to farewell my granddaughter Nell who is leaving this mornng early to drive with her father to Armidale in central NSW where she is going to University.
I dont know how Alison and Julie manage to get their sketches up every day, some days it is just too hard.

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Alison said...

Hmm - sound like the hygiene routine is missing something somewhere - could be the home - or your mother - I imagine handwashing etc is much more important in a group situation.