Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am feeling sore and sorry, this is what happened this morning while we were in Adelaide, John driving and minding his own business and a light truck with a bull bar came out of a side street on North Terrace, in the centre of the city and crunched my side. my neck and back, never good at the best of times are feeling decidedly uncomfortable, possible physio tomorrow, we will see. I was a real wimp and had to have a coffee and baguette in a corner in a quiet cafe to recover.
Poor old John his Valentines day in tatters. Heaven knows this is a bit more of my kangaroo crunch and more. I am off to bed.


Alison said...

Oh no - poor you - we have all been busy crashing our cars, or being crashed this past month. I hope you loosen up soon.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

How awful. You must feel in a bit of shock as well as the soreness. Take it easy the next few days and let people spoil you instead of you running messages and checking on the animals.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry, Penny. I agree with the others--take it easy and let others prance around with the horses.

Julie Oakley said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sorry to hear this. Unbelievable how we're all crashing – though I'm the only one who is undeniably the idiot who was responsible.