Monday, February 12, 2007

A lovely day

I was up early this morning and feeds were done and off with John to Goolwa where he had a meeting at 9 am. I took the car and went looking for boats and sat and sketched, more boats, sketched this one has the Hindmarsh island Bridge in the back ground, this bridge created so much controvosy before it was built, mostly due to rent a crowd aborigines, ah well, it is now built and a lovely looking bridge it is too.
I wandered the town, bought the odd bit and piece, and then walked on the beach, which is a surf beach, it was a stunning morning.
When John had finished we went back to Victor to collect mail etc and had a baguette and coffee before coming home, if this is sort of retirement bring it on.
One of my grand daughters 15th Birthday so over to see her and give her her present, she hadnt been the best child today so her mother wasnt pleased with her, so what is new with teenagers!
Collected a grand son from the school bus as his mother was collecting his father from the plane after delivering Nell to Armidale university. It is as usuall all go.


Julie Oakley said...

Sounds like a lovely day. I'm sitting here looking out at pouring rain so very envious of that lovely blue sky.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Bridges are good to draw with their interesting shapes.
I didn't realize you were near Hindmarsh Island. Yes, what a controversy that was. Perhaps tell us more, the others might be interested. I want to give respect to the indigenous people of Australia and sacred places but sometimes there's different agendas involved.

Penny said...

Wendy dont ever believe all you hear, the Hindmarsh Island bridge was the biggest con ever and luckily finally several of the older women of the tribe came forward, copping a huge amount of verbal abuse, to say that it was just that, a con and there never was or had been any thing greatly significant about the Island, all the bull about not touching the bottom and they would all die, there were cables on the bottom, I have seen the bottom when tide and wind was right and the water all blew away and the ferry sat on the bottom.I knew local women who were too scared to say it was all bull. A dreadful time for the community and in the end for the community's regard for our aboriginals who I have a lot of respect for but who were very badly advised.

Alison said...

It does look a fine bridge.