Thursday, February 01, 2007

More beach, river and island

It is getting hotter and stickier so as John had to go into Vicotr i took my watercolour pad and box of colours and did another bit of Granite Island and the mouth of the Inman river, not as good as the last one but at least I did get a painting done.
I had cramps in the leg all night last night so a bit flat today and didnt get a lot done.


Julie Oakley said...

The texture gives it a look of the sort of place people go white water rafting - which although I don't think you intended it, I think looks very attractive. One of the things I like about water colour - the serendipity.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nearly like a Chinese watercolour, so minimalist. Lovely.
I got out a book on watercolour today just to see what other people do with paint but it's a bit formal. Got out a Gauguin book as well, and that's more like it for Peceli to browse through.

Tom G said...

I've always liked your sketches, but I love your watercolors.

They're simple and beautiful.

Dy said...

Your water colours and sketches are just lovely Penny, I enjoy popping in to visit and admire them.

And I still think you should have a go with some watered down acrylic paints on damp fabric, then go to town with your TAST stitches! :-)