Thursday, February 15, 2007

Derelict House

I havent done a lot today, a visit to the physio has set up a few other bits of my back that dont like me so I am hibertnating. Its awfully hot outside any way. this house is opposite the new Police Station and has been half pulled down for ages. We had to stop at the police station again for something john forgot to tell tham when he reported the accident yesterday so I made a very hurried sketch.I am about to feed ponies and walk dogs but I think it will be a short walk. I really dont cope very well in the heat.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I hope you are feeling on the mend Penny and that the treatment for your back works out for you. Take it easy though. I guess you can be thankful though that the accident wasn't worse. Everything just happens so quickly like that.

Julie Oakley said...

Take care of yourself Penny. The heat is awful, so much worse than the cold for walking. I think subsection 23 clause b of the one mile challenge says that if the temperature is over 35°, you're allowed to say that half a mile equates to one mile