Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doodle Dodo

I was in Adelaide yesterday all day and I am glad to say that my mother was almost back to her old self, no wheelchair but her walker and sparking with a man who seems to be in the area she is in.
John had two meetings way apart and I spent some time with a friend and did some doodling and sketching, this mad fellow was one of them.
I had lunch today with a friend, we dont get together nearly as much as we should, both involved more with family than we ever were when we had young children ourselves.
They tell us we could get some snow in the next day or so, I cant believe it and lots more rain but at least we didnt get the dust that Sydney and southern Queensland did.
Trying to get organised, we leave on Tuesday, not far off now.
Thinking about snow led me to this Haiku by Joso

Snow whispering down
all day long,
earth vanished
leaving only sky.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love your doodled dodo. Bon voyage for next week. Don't forget, if you come anywhere near to us (A1 for example) please call and see us- the farmer is looking forward to showing John round his fields - and I am looking forward to a chat with you. If you are on the A1 you need to leave it at Leeming Bar if you are going North or Catterick camp if you are going South - we are only a few miles of easy driving from there. Do hope you manage to call.

annie said...

Penny, I love that little dodo dude...So glad that you did not get the dust storms-- saw pictures on Geelong Diary and they looked like our Texas in those old tragic days... I hope that with your mother doing better, you will have a more relaxed trip...such a vivid haiku that probably will soon come true.

PAMO said...

Doodle Dodo is just COOL!! I really like him. Have a wonderful trip- enjoy, create, relax and play.