Sunday, September 27, 2009

More sketches

To day we went ot a favorite beach and I took photos of wonderful waves coming in go to my other blog here to see them.
It has been wild and we have had quite a lot of rain, about a month late by my calculations but we really dont mind.
Freezing cold on the cliffs and no large walk as I am trying to keep my knee under control
Mason will be one while we are away so we delivered the rocking horse today, it is a very old Australian made one which is in not very good repair but all the children and the grand children have loved it and I decided that as Mason is the first great grand child he should have it.
He will probably catch his fingers in it and be terrified of it to start off with and then it will probably buck him off! The joys of baby hood.
Talking of babies we had Millie and her mother for dinner last night, Tab has to organise our watering while we are away because the person who does the dogs and will be in the house didnt think they could do it.
Any way Millie kept us very entertained last night and generally wrapped her grand parents around her little finger. She is just starting to talk and is very funny and certainly knows the word "No" with an emphatic shake of her head. Shame they grow up so quickly.
My Haiku tonight is another Basho and is a little like todays trip to the beaches.

Heavy waves crashing...
Over Sado
Flows Heaven's river.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Make the most of it while they are young - my grandchildren are of university age now - so grown up. Won't be long now before you are over here - do hope you have a wonderful holiday and manage to fit us in.