Saturday, September 05, 2009

Simple shapes

There is nothing much in my sketchbook at the moment, not even any colour but I have been trying out a few things that maybe I can translate back into lino cuts when I have time so a tree and a pear.
I have been busy trying to get other stuff done and sketching has taken a back seat.
I also spent time with my grand daughter and great grandson as it will be his birthday after we leave at the end of the month. Only trouble is he has a cold so I hope I dont get it.
Still cold and showery so a good time to be doing stuff inside although if you look here at my other blog you will see that things are coming out in the garden.
tonight's Haiku is by Kyorai

Chanting and humming
gongs immerse
the green valley
in cool waves of air.


Art4Sol said...

Been enjoying my visit here, viewing your work. Love seeing the beginnings as well as the end results. It is inspiring!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I love pears, so curvy!

Crayons said...

I love your attentive, searching eye. There's nothing like sketching to figure out what things look like.

Celeste Maia said...

Love seeing both your blogs, you are always an inspiration. I also hope you dont get any cold before travelling. I bet you are counting the days now!

BT said...

Well you can't do everything Penny. I'm like that, want to do this and that but sometimes the mood just isn't there. I hope you don't catch that cold.