Thursday, September 17, 2009

The goose and the weeping tree

One day I may write a children's book, but then again maybe I wont. I felt like sketching and this is what my imagination came up with.
Once we had lots and lots of geese who used to sit under our bedroom window in the orchard and keep us awake for half the night.
I like geese but I dont think I want them under the bedroom window any more.
It seems funny to hear the northern hemisphere blogger's talk about the end of summer and the early stages of autumn, here we are going from what could be a pretty brief spring into what we are being told could be a very hot summer, of course mother nature has a way of confounding the scientists and we may have a cool and wet summer, it has happened before, but if that happens often we have a scorching autumn!
We are never satisfied, although the rain we had yesterday was good and we are past the first half of September so maybe it will rain through to part of October. The year the children all got chicken pox,(or was it mumps?) and I finally went down with it as well it delayed our hay gathering which was good as it poured all through our normal hay time and we were the only ones around to actually have unspoilt hay, I think it did mean we were still bringing it in over Christmas. Those were the days of small bales, now we mostly put everything here into silage and I am lucky if I can score a few small bales for the ponies.
Today's Haiku is by Basho

He who climbs this hill
of flowers
finds here a shrine
to the kind goddess.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

How are you going to cope with the change from Spring to Autumn when you land here in the UK Penny.